Thursday, July 1, 2021

July Month Updates on State and Territory nominated visa categories

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2021-22 nomination allocations

Under the 2021-22 Migration Program settings, nomination allocations are made available to States and Territories in the following visa categories:

  • Skilled – Nominated (subclass 190)
  • Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) (subclass 491)
  • Business Innovation and Investment Program (BIIP)
States and Territories each assess eligible applicants against criteria unique to their jurisdiction.

NSW, VIC, SA, Tasmania looks to have bigger chunk of these allocations for skilled migration where as NSW, VIC, QLD and SA would have max allocation for business migration program.

For 491, NSW, SA and Tasmania dominates the allocations.

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Monday, June 21, 2021

Latest changes in Australian subclass 485 Graduate Visa

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The long wait has ended for international students. It was the Department of Home Affairs, Australia which proposed new changes in the 485 visa recently. Earlier, they were awaiting DHA to announce provisions in subclass 485 Temporary Graduate visa.

At the same time, overseas students can avail benefits to study, live and work in regional areas and big cities as per the latest updates in 485 visa Australia. There are also provisions for post-study stream applicants who can access a second Temporary Graduate visa after staying in the regional area for 2 years. Both the applicants and family members are entitled to these benefits.

The latest changes in Australian subclass 485 Graduate Visa also covers Frequently Asked Questions i.e. why you require Graduate Visa, different streams, eligibility criteria and processing time, etc. The other FAQ details include age criteria, police check, insurance cover, processing time, and different occupations part of the skilled occupation list. Read more

Friday, November 6, 2020

Why to enrol in Australia PY Programs: Criteria explained

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The Professional Year Program in Australia gives you the necessary skills, experience and knowledge that help you to work and settle in the country.

That is what the program all about-you can be an IT, accounting or engineering graduate. It trains you in the manner wherein you learn the tricks of the trade of your particular occupation faster and easier.

As a career development plan, the program has shaped the lives of a large number of international students who graduated from institutions in the recent past.

You too can stand to gain. If you want to enhance your technical skills with workplace experience and formal learning, this program is meant for you.

Why enroll in PY and whom does it serve?

The usefulness of the program is based on the following points-

  • Termed as an Australian program, it makes you competent and resourceful in a professional environment
  • Once you complete it, you secure 5 points for Permanent Residency
  • The certificate adds value to your resume
  • An internship with PY enhances your skills
  • It shapes career prospects of those belonging to computers, engineering, and accounting fields
  • Training with PY allows you to develop networking skills

How to apply for the right PY program?

Are you an accounting, computer or engineering graduate? Consider the following points if you want to qualify for Accounting, Computer or Engineering PY program.

For Accounting graduates, you must

  • Complete under graduation/post-graduation in Accounting from an Australian university
  • You must be a Temporary Graduate visa-subclass 485 holder-or must have applied for it with one-year validity or be secondary visa holder with study and work right with one-year validity
  • Obtain 50 points in PTE test or 6 Band in IELTS
  • Provide skill assessment from VETASSESS or accounting association body
  • Those enrolling for Australian Computer Society PY must-
  • Obtain under graduation or post-graduation degree in Australia
  • Be a subclass 485 Temporary Graduate Visa holder with a year validity or hold Secondary visa with study and work rights with one-year validity
  • Secure 50 points in PTE Academic Test or overall 6 in IELTS

In case you want to qualify for Engineering PY, you must

  • Complete under graduation/post-graduation engineering degree from an Australian university
  • Be a subclass 485 Temporary Graduate Visa holder or applied for it with 1-year validity or be a secondary visa holder with study and work rights with 1-year validity
  • Obtain 50 in PTE or 6 in IELTS
  • Provide skill assessment from EEA (Engineering Education Australia)
  • If you are an offshore engineering graduate, you are eligible to complete Engineering PY on subclass 476 visa

Program structure and disciplines

To a large extent, you can benefit from different PY programs. Each of the program’s duration lasts 44-weeks that include a 12-week internship in a relevant organisation. Make it a practice to obtain the necessary workforce skills in 32 weeks along with 12 weeks of internship. Ensure you claim 5 PR points as Professional Year validity lasts for four years from the start of the program.  

Fees of Australian PY

Find out the right institute where you can enroll for the PY program. As far as the Professional Year Program fees are concerned, it varies from one institute to the other and course structure.


Interestingly, it is PY benefitting every international student who completed graduation from an Australian university. Enhance skills before you become a Permanent Resident. If you are looking for the right advice on Professional Year, courses, and Permanent Residency, speak directly to our resourceful team of Aussizz Group now.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

11 Facts You Ought to Know, If You Want to Study in Australia!

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Australia has consistently been one of the top-most study abroad destinations for international students over the last few years. Students prefer to study in Australia as it offers easy access to outstanding educational opportunities at institutions that regularly feature amongst the world’s best.

These institutions are globally recognized, and they open up the world for overseas students. Besides, there are also opportunities to gain experience while studying with work experience programs and internships.

All these help students to gain hands-on Australian industry experience, and in building out their professional network. Further, potential post-study work opportunities in Australia are a big attraction as well.

If you are considering studying in Australia, here are 11 things that you should know:

1.You need a visa if your course is full-time

If your course exceeds three months, you require a student visa. The process to apply for an Australian visa is easy and can be done online. But if it lasts less than three months, you can study on a tourist visa.

Part of the study in Australia requirements includes a list of documents. These include Confirmation of Enrolment from university, academic details, health and character certificate and OSHC plan copy.

2. Opt for health insurance

Health insurance is part of the foreign education program package. In case you are going on your own, you will need your health insurance policy. Conduct the right research before opting for an insurance plan that suits you.

3. Select Australian location where you want to study

You need to select the location where you aspire to study: a metropolitan city or a small town. Choose from different regions in Australia. It depends on where you want to study.

You could consider studying in Sydney if you specialize in a business major. If you want to pursue a course in Marine Biology, a location near the Great Barrier Reef would be perfect for you.

International students can study in Australia with scholarship as several institutions allot grants every year. Perth, Adelaide and Canberra are among the other cities where students can shape their careers.

4. Manage jet lag

Time difference between Australia and your country is quite a lot. Adjust to the timings as you may feel sleepy in the morning and stay awake at night.

5. Expensive cities

Melbourne and Sydney are termed as the expensive cities in the world. You should have extra funds if you want to cope with a problematic situation while living in these cities. From daily expenses to living costs, the country offers a fair share of excitement to every newcomer.

6. Different seasons

If it is summer in the northern hemisphere, it is winter in the southern hemisphere. Do not be surprised if you land in Australia and experience winter. Winters tend to be a bit harsh.

7. Large country

If you love travelling, you can visit a lot of happening places in Australia. These include Opera House in Sydney, Great Barrier Reef and more. Due to the sheer size of the country, it is difficult to travel to a number of these places. If you do, you will have to spend a lot of time and money. Plan your travel wisely in case you are keen to visit these places of attraction.

8. Be aware of cities and territories

Before you land in the country, you need to be aware of cities, territories and their significance. Try to read up and pick helpful knowledge and tidbits that can help you navigate through the locales there.

9. Different ranking system

As an international student, it is essential to understand Australian grades. For instance, D is termed as a good grade in a majority of universities. C (Credit), HD (High Distinction), P (Pass), as well as F (Fail) are among other grades.

10. Open a bank account

Opening an Australian Bank Account is an integral part of the entire student experience. You could also open an Australian bank account before arriving in the country to make life easier.

As per Australian immigration news, there is no need to spend a considerable fortune by borrowing from your home. But with reasonable interest rates by an Australian bank, you stand to gain and helps if you decide to undertake a job.

11. Understand road rules

To make your commute easy, you could lease or buy a second-hand car. All the more you need to understand the roads in Australia and follow traffic rules, which may be different from those in your native country.

Be clear in your objective before traveling to Australia on a student visa. Arrange for necessary finances. In case you face difficulty and want visa assistance, feel free to interact with Aussizz Group now.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Here’s how to apply for an Australia student visa: Criteria explained

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Applying for an Australian student visa is one of the trickiest exercises for every international student. There can be visa rejection chances if the student fails to provide genuine answers to the case officer. Students must describe the purpose of your visit, how long they will stay in Australia and show proofs of yearly finances.

All these details are part of Genuine Temporary Entrant written statement. Prove your genuineness by explaining you will return to your home country after the course completion in the island nation and how it helps build your career.

Mention these details in the visa application form along with paying the application fee. Take help of Australia student visa consultants if you are stuck with a particular issue.

Criteria for subclass 500 grant are as follows

Get started. Check details of student visa-subclass 500 online. Before you apply for an Australian visa, obtain a COE (Confirmation of Enrolment) from the university where you enrolled for the degree program. The COE letter is essential as it confirms your admission in a particular university with the course registered under CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions of Courses).

Follow due procedures on tracking your application for a student visa if you want to study in Australia. Get to the root of the Australian student visa checklist covering GTE, list of documents, etc.

Ensure you do not leave any gaps but provide every information as per academic records. Complete the application form by attesting documents.

Visa requirements

1. Finances

Yearly expenses play a significant role if you plan to study in Australia. Show necessary finances covering travel, tuition and living costs. Are you alone or staying with your dependents?

In the case of dependents, you need to show valid documents, i.e. your child’s school fees and their living expenses. If you are falling short of funds, take help of your parents or spouse earning a decent sum. They can support you to manage yearly costs in the island nation.

2. English language proficiency tests

You will need to prove to that you are conversant in the English language even though you do not hail from an English speaking country. In a way, it is required at a particular level at the time of applying for a specific course. Applicants can achieve this by clearing the IELTS and PTE Academic tests.

3. Health criteria

International students might have to get a health check-up that also includes a radiological test. Fix a doctor’s appointment that has to be approved by the immigration department of the country.

It benefits international students to opt for OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover). The cover is a part of visa requirements. Consult Australian education agents who will suggest a health insurance plan that meets your needs.

4. Character criteria

One of the vital components of student visa is that you must be of good character. It is part of the requirements for you to enter Australia. Make sure you get a police statement before applying for the grant. As per Australia immigration news, you might be told to complete a CSDF (Character Statutory Declaration Form).

List of documents for an Australian visa

International students must submit the following documents at the earliest: -

  • Student visa application form
  • Application fee
  • Passport details
  • COE or LOO (Letter of Offer)
  • Copy of funds
  • Insurance cover
  • English language test details
  • Health & character proofs

The more you specify by attesting documents, the better it is for you to obtain a student visa grant. Furthermore, you can discuss with our Australian education agents for visa assistance, processing time etc.

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Get Temporary Skilled Graduate Visa to realise your Australian dream!

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For better growth and career prospects, you decide to continue your stay in Australia. You had completed graduation recently and would like to take up a job. But without a Temporary Skilled Graduate Visa-subclass 485, you would not be able to stay and work in the country.

Subclass 485 benefits every international student. It allows complete work rights to all those who are graduates. Many believe the grant is provided to only those who cleared higher education courses. However, it is not correct. Even if you completed a diploma program and want to work, you can apply for one of its two streams of the temporary visa. Recently the latest changes in 485 visa Australia allow international students to live and work in big cities and regional areas. It is good signal for International students.

Different streams of Graduate Temporary Visa are

Post Study Work Rights Stream

It benefits those students who completed their graduate, postgraduate or PhD programs. They are termed as higher education courses. If you want to apply for 485 visa Australia under PSWRS, you must show 2-year study proof. It does not matter what occupation or study field you have chosen.

Graduate Work Stream

In case you completed a diploma or trade course study, you can apply for the visa under the work stream. Show proof that you have completed a two-year study in Australia on a student visa. Even graduates can apply. But they should nominate the occupations that are in demand. The occupations must be featured in MLTSSL (Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List). Besides, graduates need to obtain a positive skills assessment in that particular occupation.

List of occupations under MLTSSL skilled occupation list Australia are: -

  • Accountant
  • Carpenter
  • Chef
  • Child Care Centre Manager
  • Engineers
  • IT Developer/Programmer/Network
  • Management Consultant
  • Nurses
  • Secondary Teachers
You can receive the grant under the work stream. The validity of subclass 485 is one and a half year with unrestricted work rights. Post-study work visa Australia benefits you and your friends. Every individual is allowed two-year unrestricted work rights with its help.

What are the advantages of Regional Area study?

If you completed your graduation from a Regional Area, you would benefit more than those who graduated from large cities. But, there are exceptions for those who cleared it from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. They can obtain Graduate Temporary subclass 485 visas. Let us cite some instances. In case you completed a two-year higher education course in a Regional Area, you get 4-year full work rights. You could claim these rights rather than a 2-year visa if you studied in three big cities.

At the same time, you completed a diploma course and currently studying for two years. Five extra points will be granted to you in case you apply for Skilled Independent Visa-subclass 189, Skilled Nominated Visa-subclass 190 or Skilled Work Regional Provisional Visa-subclass 491.

Regional Area Breakup

The regions that offer pathways for those who want to be nominated for a temporary visa or skilled permanent are.
  • Northern Territory
  • South Australia
  • Regional New South Wales
  • Tasmania
Secure your future with the help of the best Permanent Residency pathway. With the help of the points mentioned above, you can realise your Australian dream. For more information on the skilled occupation list, eligibility points, work-related issues and other assistance, you can speak to Aussizz Group now!

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Why is it necessary to hire immigration consultants for Australia?

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What works for you is mentioning all professional details in the various Australian visa forms. It can be a lot of exhausting and tiring but at the same time makes you happy. Soon, you will migrate to Australia for better work opportunities.

Even though you are confronted with lengthy documentation challenges, take out time to answer all questions. Overlooking can spell trouble. How you intend to do and what are the correct procedures?

Understand how the entire process works before deciding to work overseas. How to obtain a skilled independent visa-subclass 189? It would help if you opted for the services of immigration consultants before announcing any decision.

If you’re wondering whether you’ll need the help of an Australia Immigration consultant, ask yourself these questions:

1. Do you require help for filling 189 application details?

No DIY (Do It Yourself) here. It would help if you approached an expert who from the start briefs about different immigration details. All these are covered in the actual application. For instance, it is Migration Agents Australia, who can be of immense help for you at the time of receiving visa grant. They brief you about the different processes with your job becoming a lot easier without any hassles. Besides, they are experts who understand Australian visa procedures.

Even if you are applying in any other country where you do not understand a foreign language, he can work as a translator making your job a lot easier. No matter how difficult the tasks are, you can always take suggestions from immigration consultants. They are entrusted with the responsibilities to prepare your application and submit documents for 189 grant.

2. Are you hopeful for the grant?

Definitely! You look forward to the right answers. You applied for the skilled visa and expected to receive it any time. The consultant is the one who is your troubleshooter. His responsibility is to check all details in the application and if they are in order.

Rest assured! He crosschecks minute details. On many occasions, applicants try to do it on their own and end up wasting a lot of money and effort.

3. Do you want a hassle-free existence in Australia?

Things can spell trouble if they are not addressed immediately. Many issues go hand in hand. Before you migrate to Australia, you must handle finances-be it your accommodation, job, admitting your kids to a new school, etc.

Work closely with a consultant guiding you at every stage whether it entails to the skilled independent visa application, cost of living in a foreign land or accommodation. He is among the individuals who suggest affordable places by which you can meet your finances. At the same time, the consultant scrutinizes your application and updates its status.

4. Whether or not you can obtain a skilled visa for Australia?

Definitely! It is an excellent opportunity to apply for General Skilled Migration visas. Ask a consultant if you can get a skilled visa grant and be able to meet the eligibility criteria that is part of the current occupation. Every year the country's Department of Home Affairs releases Skilled Occupation Lists for different regional designated areas, as per Australia immigration news sources.

Take the help of our immigration consultants in India, who based on your occupation, explain processes involving eligibility criteria. If your job constitutes the Skilled Occupation List, it serves your purpose.

Keeping the details mentioned above in mind, you must take the help of our best immigration consultants in India. They brief you on General Skilled Migration visas, accommodation expenses, immigration pathways, etc.

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