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5 Tips To Ace Your PTE Academic Writing Section

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5 Tips To Ace Your PTE Academic Writing Section

Are you in search of effective writing tips for your PTE Academic Writing Test? Be it any form of writing, it is always demanding, challenging, and a bothering issue for all the aspirants. Starting from penning down the essential points till manoeuvring your ideas, writing entails brainstorming to create a unique piece.

👉 The PTE Academic writing module comprises of two sections.

✔ Summarize Written Text: This section includes a passage which the test takers need to summarize in a single sentence of 75 words in the given time of 10 minutes.

✔ Essay Writing: In this section, the test takers need to write down an essay of about 200-300 words on the provided topic in the given time of 20 minutes.

Most of the students or aspirants appearing for the PTE Academic have troubles mainly with the Writing Section, especially, with essay writing.

👉 Here is a key point that would help you improve your PTE Academic Writing score.

The first rule of PTE Academic Writing section is to stick to the mentioned word limit strictly. Writing either less or more words than the specified word limit would result in a poor score. Having informed this, below mentioned are some helpful strategies to achieve a better score.

👉 Write relevant content

It is significant for a test taker to understand the given topic. You need to identify if the provided topic is asking a specific answer to the given question or is it asking to pen down your thoughts either in its favor or against it.

For example, “Actions speak louder than words. Do you agree or not?” For an answer to such questions, you first need to be clear about what your opinion is. Is it in favor of the topic or against it?
After finalising your answer, you must channelize your thoughts in the essay. Be careful that you don’t start writing points or arguments that are not relevant to your content (i.e. Off-Topic points). Your content must be intact and purely related to the topic.

👉 Keep it Simple

Though you have prepared well for your writing section, brushed up your vocabulary, or even gained a great command of the language, it is always advisable to write simple sentences rather than opting for long and convoluted statements. More complex the sentences, more the chances are of getting errors.

Trying to mention every idea in one sentence or elaborating an idea in one sentence will likely invite more grammar and spelling mistakes. So, it is beneficial to be precise and clear with your content. The PTE test assessors will focus on the logic and content rather than the complexity of the sentences.
👉 Manage to complete your essay within allotted time

Create a plan or note down some key points before you start writing an essay.

Most of the aspirants think it is a waste of time and they start writing as soon as they read the topic. As they reach halfway, another thought flashes all of a sudden in their mind, and they start writing afresh. This would result in leaving the essay incomplete which in turn would affect the score.

Instead, it is recommended to write the keywords so that your focus remains only on the keywords while writing the essay. 

👉 Write in the “Correct” format

The essay you write in your PTE Academic Writing Test must be structured, organised, and relevant to the topic. When it comes to structuring an essay, there are multiple options to it, and it may vary from one individual to another. Here are some strategies to write in the ‘right’ format.
  • You can start writing the introduction paragraph.
  • Rather than writing lengthy statements, adopt the habit of writing shorthand sentences that define your idea.
  • The format of the essay should be such that the assessor can understand your points and idea.
  • End your essay with a striking conclusion. But, remember that you should not end it with strong opinions or judgements.
👉 Start Practicing Beforehand
  • Build your vocabulary by reading newspapers, articles, novels, and whatever you get to read.
  • Learn the usage of punctuations and apply them at proper places in your essay.
  • Avoid grammar errors and spelling mistakes.
  • Proofread the essay in the end to avoid errors.
  • Practice typing beforehand so that your typing speed improves.
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Better practice and perfect guidance blends to make a winsome formula to ace your PTE exam.

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