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Steps to Take When IELTS Test Results Are Delayed

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Steps to Take When IELTS Test Results Are Delayed

IELTS examination officials at times withhold or postpone the IELTS test results for a long period. There is often little that you can do to ensure that you get your IELTS test result on time. However, we understand that it can be frustrating in case your results face delay since it messes up the time for you to fill the college application before the end of application date.

👉 Here are some steps that you can take when your IELTS test result face delay.

1. Contact Examination Centre

There is a possibility that a lot of people appeared for the IELTS exam from the same examination centre as you did. In such a scenario, it is common for the examination centre to take a slightly more time to collect the test papers and send it for evaluation. You can contact the examination centre officials for more information on the expected date for results.

2. Contact your IELTS Coaching Centre

It is likely that your IELTS Class teachers are in touch with the IELTS officials on a regular basis. In some cases, it is possible that your institution can contact the necessary officials for more information. If all fails, the education counsellors will do a good job at pacifying you while you wait for the results.

3. Keep Admission Form Ready

Make sure that you keep your admission forms filled and ready for mail when your results face delay. You will find that the application for most colleges is quite lengthy and it takes a considerable amount of time to fill all the necessary details. Make sure that you fill all details except the delayed IELTS score before the results are declared.

4. Contact the University/College for Extension

Most of the universities understand that IELTS results face delay due to one or more reasons. You can contact the customer helpline of the university directly, asking them for an extension on the application date due to a delay in the results. In such cases, the university will ask you to mail the rest of the application for review before your IELTS results are declared.

5. Wait

The last but not the least important thing that you can do when your results face a delay is waiting for them to come out. It is evident from the history of the examination that the tests often go through a rigorous testing process and the results face delays more than often. There is a good chance that all of your friends who gave the exam with you are waiting on their results too. 

In certain cases, you will also get an official SMS from the IELTS department stating the revised date of result declaration in case of a delay. On the off-chance that you do not get any SMS, you can just wait and follow the steps given above to be better prepared.

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