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Enrol Yourself with IRON Program for Bright Career in Nursing! Know Why?

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Enrol Yourself with IRON Program for Bright Career in Nursing! Know Why?

Are you looking for bright career prospects in abroad for nursing and specifically in Australia? Have you heard about IRON program for overseas nurses in Australia but are not aware of its details? If yes, then you are at right place. This article gives you an elaborated vision of IRON program and its related benefits that can result into bright career option. Read further for detailed understanding.

➤ Demand for Nurses in Australia:
  • Recent update- The existing models & methods in delivering high-quality health and aged services is getting eloped. This has resulted in real and immediate demand of service and generated need of high workforce
  • A data (from 2015) has revealed, Australia's health and aged care workforce includes- wide range of care providers- right from highly qualified regulated professionals to unregulated workers
  • Over 307,100 (among total of 360,000 regulated population) nurses and midwives were employed for 90% clinical roles
  • The nursing workforce is aging that will soon result in increasing retirement rates which is creating large space for fresh graduate nurses
  • The existing nursing workforce is not enough to satiate future workforce demands for health & aged service areas. It has been predicted that till 2030 would have shortage of 120,000 nurses and by 2050, this number will be double or triple for meeting healthcare needs for aged population
➤ Opportunity to International Nurses in Australia:

Healthcare is a vast and versatile field that results in wide range of opportunities. Qualified nurses, from any part of the world, can excel their career opportunities in Australia by looking at the curation of high demand in healthcare field. Obviously, moving to a different country will result in facing some differences in healthcare system that will further create some challenges in their medical practice. In this case, international nurses can facilitate easier transition with Australian healthcare system by enrolling themselves into IRON medical program and grab golden opportunity to be a part of Australian healthcare system

➤ IRON Program and its Benefits:

Initial Registration for Overseas Registered Nurses (IRON) program is a mandatory course that helps candidate to get familiar with Australian healthcare system while bridging the gap. The benefits are-

  • Existing and aspiring professionals can nurture and enhance their practical & theoretical nursing experience and skills
  • Gain academic knowledge and practical skills that are basic requirement for practicing as a Registered Nurse in Australia
  • Existing professionals can assess their knowledge while adding to what they have learned so far  

If you wish to be a part of Australian healthcare system that constantly and dedicatedly works for delivering high-quality health and aged services in Australia, reach us- the Education Consultant for more refined approach. We can help you with the best solutions and help solve your queries at any stage of this process. Enjoy Nursing!

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