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Things to Know When Applying For an Undergraduate Course in Australia

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Dazzling scenic beauty, crystal-clear beaches and plenty of nature are the some of the most common reasons that immediately pops in our mind, when it comes to migrating to Australia.

However, apart from being popular for beautiful attractions, the country has also managed to be a great education hub.

Every year, more than 200,000 international students from over 80 countries come to study in Australia due to its academic excellence, high-tech facilities and modern infrastructure.

Study in Australia

➤ Undergraduate Degree Structure

A large number of universities in Australia offer three types of undergraduate programs:
  • Bachelor’s degree: It is a preliminary course to pursue postgraduate study with duration of minimum 3 years.
  • Bachelor with Honors: To pursue a Bachelor in honors, a student is required study for an additional year after acquiring a degree.
  • Associate degree: Once the secondary education is completed, a student is required to study for two years to get an associate degree.

➤ Top Subjects to Pursue Bachelor Degree in Australia

  • Education and Teaching
  • Engineering
  • Accounting 
  • Computer Science
  • Fashion Designing
  • Mass Communication and Media
  • Personal Care
  • Hotel Management and Hospitality
  • Architecture
  • Life Sciences

➤ Things to Consider before applying for an Undergraduate Course in Australia

  • You must have completed your elementary and secondary education for applying a four-year bachelor degree program or a two-year associate degree in the university of Australia. 
  • You should start applying to Australian universities at least 12 months before the proposed date of admission. 
  • You must be qualified IELTS, PTE or TOEFL certificates to prove your English proficiency. For international students, Australian universities, mostly give preference to IELTS scores while some consider TOEFL and PTE as a substitute.
  • You must check your qualifications and academic skills. In case you don’t fulfil the universities’ requirements, you can also receive foundation programs or diplomas, which lasts for one year. 
  • You must consider your Statement of Purpose carefully to increase the chances of getting admission in the desired college. Make sure to provide clear details for choosing a particular course, study interests and how you are eligible. 
  • You can submit your application form online, available at the university’s website. 
  • On applying to the university online, you will receive a letter confirming your enrolment. Once you receive this letter of acceptance, you can start applying for a student visa. 
  • You must obtain OSHC (Overseas Student Health Care) to meet hospital and medical costs in Australia. Also, if you wish to extend the stay in Australia, you must renew your policy.
  • When choosing a bachelor’s program, make sure you know the duration of the course. This will help you make informed decisions and maintain balance between studies and other commitments. 

➤ Choosing an Immigration Consultant 

Migrate to Australia

Immigration to a new country is challenging and overwhelming. One must have to adjust to a new time zone, learning new language and adapting a new culture.

Additionally, a fair amount of preparation is also needed to meet the legal aspects of immigration for a student visa. This is where an immigration consultant comes into the picture.

A reliable immigration consultant is highly helpful to know whether a certain country is suitable for a prospective immigrant or not. Such individuals make sure that all the documents submitted for a student visa are compiled with the laws of the country and are helpful in apprising one regarding the country’s culture, education system, best universities, etc.

Hence, rather than doing it alone and suffering delays or rejection, getting the assistance of immigration consultant can help with the evaluation and application process of visa and also save a significant amount of time, money and effort.

⏩ Author Bio: 

Dharmendra Patel is a director of Aussizz Group and registered immigration consultant in Melbourne, offering valuable advice and support to people seeking immigration in different countries like Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Over the years, Dharmendra has consistently stood the test of time by helping thousands of clients in accomplishing their dreams of relocation to foreign countries.

About the Author

Dharmendra Patel

Dharmendra Patel is a registered migration agent and director at Aussizz Group, a leading immigration and education consultancy having presence in Australia, India and UAE. For over 7 years, the consultancy has been serving people with quality services and support in all the areas of migration to Australia, Professional Year Program and IELTS and PTE coaching.


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