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Things to Know When Applying For an Undergraduate Course in Australia

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Dazzling scenic beauty, crystal-clear beaches and plenty of nature are the some of the most common reasons that immediately pops in our mind, when it comes to migrating to Australia.

However, apart from being popular for beautiful attractions, the country has also managed to be a great education hub.

Every year, more than 200,000 international students from over 80 countries come to study in Australia due to its academic excellence, high-tech facilities and modern infrastructure.

Study in Australia

➤ Undergraduate Degree Structure

A large number of universities in Australia offer three types of undergraduate programs:
  • Bachelor’s degree: It is a preliminary course to pursue postgraduate study with duration of minimum 3 years.
  • Bachelor with Honors: To pursue a Bachelor in honors, a student is required study for an additional year after acquiring a degree.
  • Associate degree: Once the secondary education is completed, a student is required to study for two years to get an associate degree.

➤ Top Subjects to Pursue Bachelor Degree in Australia

  • Education and Teaching
  • Engineering
  • Accounting 
  • Computer Science
  • Fashion Designing
  • Mass Communication and Media
  • Personal Care
  • Hotel Management and Hospitality
  • Architecture
  • Life Sciences

➤ Things to Consider before applying for an Undergraduate Course in Australia

  • You must have completed your elementary and secondary education for applying a four-year bachelor degree program or a two-year associate degree in the university of Australia. 
  • You should start applying to Australian universities at least 12 months before the proposed date of admission. 
  • You must be qualified IELTS, PTE or TOEFL certificates to prove your English proficiency. For international students, Australian universities, mostly give preference to IELTS scores while some consider TOEFL and PTE as a substitute.
  • You must check your qualifications and academic skills. In case you don’t fulfil the universities’ requirements, you can also receive foundation programs or diplomas, which lasts for one year. 
  • You must consider your Statement of Purpose carefully to increase the chances of getting admission in the desired college. Make sure to provide clear details for choosing a particular course, study interests and how you are eligible. 
  • You can submit your application form online, available at the university’s website. 
  • On applying to the university online, you will receive a letter confirming your enrolment. Once you receive this letter of acceptance, you can start applying for a student visa. 
  • You must obtain OSHC (Overseas Student Health Care) to meet hospital and medical costs in Australia. Also, if you wish to extend the stay in Australia, you must renew your policy.
  • When choosing a bachelor’s program, make sure you know the duration of the course. This will help you make informed decisions and maintain balance between studies and other commitments. 

➤ Choosing an Immigration Consultant 

Migrate to Australia

Immigration to a new country is challenging and overwhelming. One must have to adjust to a new time zone, learning new language and adapting a new culture.

Additionally, a fair amount of preparation is also needed to meet the legal aspects of immigration for a student visa. This is where an immigration consultant comes into the picture.

A reliable immigration consultant is highly helpful to know whether a certain country is suitable for a prospective immigrant or not. Such individuals make sure that all the documents submitted for a student visa are compiled with the laws of the country and are helpful in apprising one regarding the country’s culture, education system, best universities, etc.

Hence, rather than doing it alone and suffering delays or rejection, getting the assistance of immigration consultant can help with the evaluation and application process of visa and also save a significant amount of time, money and effort.

⏩ Author Bio: 

Dharmendra Patel is a director of Aussizz Group and registered immigration consultant in Melbourne, offering valuable advice and support to people seeking immigration in different countries like Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Over the years, Dharmendra has consistently stood the test of time by helping thousands of clients in accomplishing their dreams of relocation to foreign countries.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A blueprint to your favorite Australian Tour

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It’s always a twist of tale for the ones who are willing to plan for a tour, no matter wherever they opt to go, it always ends up being a story.

They come across families or individuals who have already taken a tour to any foreign country, and then conclude on the same thing that they did.

It’s a dream of any human being to visit a place that is unique and a visit it in a way that it becomes memorable, but we can never resist of consulting anyone and do to whatever he/she says.

Day tour to Australia has always been a bite of the sweetest cake for the ones who dare to visit it, turning the confusions to a memory that can never be removed off our heads.

The sixth biggest country of the world, the only country that is a continent within itself, Australia does possess ample qualities when it comes to touring it. For the ones who are planning to visit Australia, do, as it’s a place to be visited once before you die…

Before opting to step forward to a jet for Australia, there are few things that you should make a note of, such as weather, places to visit, the overall budget, your likes and dislikes regarding the tour, etc.

Let’s get started…


Know the seasons, as Australia has a diversity when it comes to weather!

Australia mainly has two seasons – Dry and Rainy. The dry weather occasionally becomes cool, but usually stays warm and sunny.

This happens in most of the regions of the country, wherein you can spend a quality time inside you room staying chilled. Now this also indicates that you should get a comfortable room to stay as the weather can be a resistance to your tour.

When it rains, Australia becomes as beautiful as a bride! The luxury it has, the beauty that lies into it, emerges out, like a fruit from a bud. The weather becomes pleasant and cool as it rains, and somewhat more than just perfect to visit the places and hangout.

Internet can indeed be a good friend before you tour…

Surf for the places online, as much as you can. This can make you worry a bit less and feed your mind with the things you which become a must for you to visit.

Australia is a vast country, some places might surely take interest off your head, but make sure you make a good research, as there are places which might soothe your heart.

The coast, the beaches, the stadiums, ethnic restaurants and the traditions, are something worth experiencing in Australia.

People say that Australia is a place to work and live in, has no such tourist spots, which has proven to be a myth.

It’s true that it is a hub of technologies and workplaces, but Australia has maximum number of beaches across the globe; nearly 10,000 beaches, a new beach every new day till 27 upcoming years. Indeed, a place to visit, when you are tired and exhausted of getting nailed every day.
Remember to keep your budget in mind!

Empty pockets remind of how rich you were, then! It’s always a key point to keep in mind your budget whenever you plan to visit a new country. Currency is the biggest factor why we keep losing our faith on ourselves and spend relentlessly, not thinking once that you are financially shaken.

Keep the things as low as possible. You are going there to visit; you have an entire life to spend after coming back to your own country. All you got to do later is live in an Australian dream and its charm. Spend with your eyes and mind wide open. Australia won’t be harmed, but you :)

Continued… know yourself, what you like and dislike…

Get to know yourself, what you like and what you don’t. Selecting things to visit that you dislike, are completely a waste of time as well as money.

Sydney’s Opera House, Great Barrier Reef, Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Great Ocean Road, Phillip Island, Mount Buller and many more can be the destinations that you can select while you plan to visit Australia. Snow sports, biking and many adventures can be a part of your visit.

Make sure, you take the best out of what you give into…

Finally, when it comes to travelling, it can never be an experience worth it without Aussizz Travels.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

How can you assist yourself in PTE

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Boost up your PTE with Aussizz Group…

The PTE Academic, Pearson Test of English, is nothing but a test taken to analyze the level of English a candidate possesses in four divisions, Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.


The biggest advantage that one can get from this test is, unbiasedness and absence of a human element, as the entire test is been assessed by Computers. The test carries a set of 20 questions which differ as per skills.

How to Improve your enabling skills for PTE Test

Here are some straight forward tips that will offer you some help cracking the PTE exam effectively:

  1. PTE examines an applicant on four different criteria: Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading. No matter what happens but a candidate will always try to wrap up all the modules as per their time allocations or time slots.Every candidate must see to it that there is enough time given to all the modules as per the perspective, keeping in mind you pros and cons. Sometimes one thinks that it’s unnecessary to waste time of a module that has an expertise upon and focus on others, but that’s not true. It holds the same importance as others do. "Make justice to all the sections, give them equal priority remembering their importance."

  2. It’s always a basic need to have an entire knowledge of the exam structure, which can turn up to be a highly added advantage for a candidate. All this can be done to overcome the points where you can lack to successfully crack the examination. Practice the test papers of the previous exams, they will definitely help you to make sure about the flow that the test has (the oldest, but the most efficient way to prepare for any exam).

  3. Pearson, which operates the PTE, is a London based Media Organization. Frequently and since many years, the organization sides the exam related material to get every bit of information about the exam. A quick glance at these books can assist the candidate well enough to crack the test.

  4. Get to know the people who have appeared for the test before. Taking a boost from such people will surely become a partial success to your PTE exam and would never harm your dignity. Get to know the do’s and don’ts of the test from them, this helps a lot.

  5. "Never ignore the listening test." People actually underestimate the listening test ignoring the point that it can turn the tables, both in the positive as well as the negative way, depending on the level of your preparation. Always see to it that you get only one shot to listen the tape, understanding to what is been said is the key.

  6. Get to know your forte! Some are good at Speaking, while some at other modules. Speak 200 words, write 20 words from the stuff you read. Read at least 2000 words a day, Listen to some good speeches by good speakers, gradually “English” is what you will improve within yourself.
We at Aussizz Group assist you with the best amenities that we have. Always keep in mind our status, and the level to which we can help you assist in your PTE Academic.

"Yes, there is nothing that can replace the one who teaches, but surely you can look ahead to work upon your skills."
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